The Unusual Jeff
I want a cheap and nice unusual for my soldier so that seems nice
It was 20$ on the steam market but because i spent my money on keys im trading keys for it
ill be trading 10 keys (which is 19-20$) for it
(also trade me after 18/11/ cause for some reason i cant trade untill then "thx steam" :I)

Heres my trade link if you want to trade me:
The Unusual Jeff
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plz dont send hate..?? :I
The Unusual Jeff
have a nice day or night :P
RIP Bento
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steaming bucket ?
The Unusual Jeff
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hmmmm ok sure why not theyre at the same price also sorry for not replying i was awey (also ill be able to trade from 18/11 cause idk steam is retarded)
The Unusual Jeff
hey for anyone that though that im stupid and i think 20 keys is 20$ i was gona write 10 keys but i wrote 20 by accident :I
sorry :I
The Unusual Jeff
also MatZer i replyed to you but it says that the comment is hidden so idk if you still have the hat and want to trade you can send me a trade this Sunday
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.