Bobby [Trade Offers Only]

Stormy Storm Noble Amassment of Hats:
- It Exists
Price - 21 keys

Smoking Virtual Viewfinder
-All Class Misc
Price - 110 keys

Scorching Flames Noble Amassment of Hats:
-1/2 On the market
- Double spelled
-Cheapest on the market

Price - 120 keys

Burning Flames Dr's Dapper Topper
-God Tier Effect
-Fine With Keeping For A While

Price - 215 keys

Sunbeams Neckwear Headwear:
-1/1 On Outpost (Normal, other is strange and i unboxed and own: )
-Cheapest On The Market Overall
- God Tier 1st Gen Effect

Price - 280 keys

Offer Away
Pure > Stash/Racks And Knifestorms > Halloween TCs > Other Offers
Overpay In Unusuals
Mass Mass Overpay In 3rd+ Gen Effects/Robo Hats
Trade Offers Only Please
Great Hats gl selling those beauties <3
Thx fren :)
[CY4G] HighWind
Burning Flames Bot Dogger + 10 keys for Smoking Viewfinder?
[CY4G] HighWind
Added another 7 keys on top in a trade offer
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You interested in a Circling Peace Sign Mask of Shaman?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.