Buying any effect or wear tier of the following not-applied and unusual War Paints:

Jungle Jackpot Collection

Park Pigmented War Paint
Sax Waxed War Paint ----------- 40 keys
Yeti Coated War Paint ----------- 40 keys
Macaw Masked War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Croc Dusted War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Piña Polished War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Anodized Aloha War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Bamboo Brushed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Tiger Buffed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Leopard Printed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Mannana Peeled War Paint ----------- 24 keys

Infernal Reward Collection

Fire Glazed War Paint
Freedom Wrapped War Paint ----------- 40 keys
Dream Piped War Paint ----------- 40 keys
Bonk Varnished War Paint ----------- 40 keys
Bank Rolled War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Kill Covered War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Pizza Polished War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Clover Camo'd War Paint ----------- 30 keys
Quack Canvassed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Merc Stained War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Star Crossed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Cardboard Boxed War Paint ----------- 24 keys
Bloom Buffed War Paint ----------- 24 keys

- Not interested in weapons, aside from those listed here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561197964393843
- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- Add me if I'm out of TF2 keys. I can get more when needed.

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.