Halwa S> TF2 Keys 1.8$ Skrill
Welcome to Halwa's Classic Unusual Shop !

Strange Burning Flames Anger
- b/o 315 Keys

Circling Heart Modest Pile of Hat
- b/o 110 Keys

Strange Time Warp Anger
- b/o 90 Keys

Kill-a-Watt Brotherhood of Arms
- b/o 60 Keys

Green Energy Soldier's Slope Scopers
- b/o 70 Keys

Vivid Plasma Charmer's Chapeau
- b/o 70 Keys

Purple Energy Prince Tavish's Crown
- b/o 48 Keys

Vivid Plasma Herald's Helm
- b/o 40 Keys

You can also pay me in unusuals. With some overpay i will consider every unusual :D Feel free to send me an offer.
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screaming tiger Schadenfreude for the time wrap anger
or for BoA
Not interested in taunts atm. Thanks for the offer
- aboOod -
clean, short clean history circle heart slope + 2 keys for your slope ?
No sorry thats low, you're gonna have to add more
Water Bottles
What can i get for 1 Of 1 In The Existing Unusual Phononaut (Effect Smoking)
Ghosts HKC + aussie scatter spec ks for the Anger?
Can i trade you my unusual disco fever '72 roughly about near 100 keys for your brotherhood of arms unusual?
If your're wondering why i have priced it so low is because i have been looking for a buyer for the past month or 2.
I am sorry i dont accept taunts for hats. Maybe a taunt for taunt will work. If youre interested kindly reoffer
♬♪ ErMaN ™
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Chapeau + anger for my misty bomber
nah sorry mate ill pass. Looking for downgrades atm
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