Arcana Rotation Sensation (TAKING OFFERS) (I don't know if i want to give it up)

Displayed Offers
1. (320 Keys) Molten Mallard Viewfinder, Roboactive Electric Escorter, Infernal Flames Flippin Taunt
2. (300 Keys) Morning Glory Dread Hiding Hood, Haunted Ghost Professor's Peculiarity, Stare from Beyond Dr. Dapper
3. (250 Keys) Green Energy Boxcar Bomber
4. (330 Keys) Burning Flames Napper Respite, Scorching Flames Safe'n Sound, eerie flames Party Phantom
5. (310 Keys) Stormy Storm Polar Pullover, Death by Disco Presistoric Pullover
6. (350 Keys) Scorching Flames Rotation Sensation
7. (315 Keys) Morning Glory Merc's Mohawk, Purple Confetti Nunhood
8. (300 Keys) Darkblaze Soldiered Sensei, Showstopper Conga
9. (203 Keys) Stormy 13th Desert Maraudar, Green Black Hole Sergeant's Drill Hat, Death at Dusk Plug-In Prospector
10. (310 Keys) Bonzo all Gnawing Dread Hiding Hood

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My offer no longer stands, please take it down. I'd like to keep it private.
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Scorching Flames Human Cannonball+ Circling Peace Sign Brigade Helm ?
added to offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.