Rockeyroad1415| B>QS 200+Keys
Nice Clean Unusual @ Cheapest Prices! Check Histories here!->
TF2 Logo HKC - 100 keys / 110 keys in items
I am not quickselling but I prefer pure most, so if you are willing to offer pure, I may be able to lower my price to accomodate :)
Trade offers is the fastest way to get my attention, however I am happy for people to add me!
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Would you be interested in an unusual second rate sorcery with fountain of delight in exchange for some of your unusuals?
clean Screaming tiger Schadenfreude for it :)
Yea, they are being sold at 50 keys. If you can add like 80 keys either in pure or items id consider.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.