Selling cosmetics for pure only:

War pig --> 4 ref

MK 50 --> 2.88 ref

Red Army Robin --> 1.88 ref

Backstabber's Boomslang --> 3.33 ref

Bonk Boy --> 2.55 ref

Ninja Hood --> 2.11 ref

Deadliest Catch --> 3.11 ref

Cube pin --> 1.88 ref

DONT add me. Send trade offers only and I will respond ASAP.
Bingo Bongo
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I will offer the ninja hood for 2.11 ref plz
Bingo Bongo
i will give you 2.11 ref for the frickin sweet ninja hood
Bonk Boy - 2.55 ref
I changed names
i sent
trade offer
MK50 2.88
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.