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★ Right, I'm listing some of my sets, so let's do this thing!

• No Trade Holds, Please! ~ Thanks ^_^

> B.M.O.C: There is a B.M.O.C in this set, just it can't be relisted. As this is a set I'm not really willing to sell anything seperatly, but it'd have to be 9 keys ^_^

> Mann of Seven Seas: It's a nice cosmetic, and it has decent parts, so probably 1.8+ keys!

> All-Stars: Genuine: 1.6+ keys.

> Grenade Launcher: Around 3+ Keys ^o^

> Stickybomb Launcher: It has beautiful parts, and it's awesome! 7-8+ keys.

Thank you, I hope you have a great day!

**Sold Stickybomb Launcher for a 19 key unusual!**
Brother Dom
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Would you be interested in listing these on Marketplace? I'd be interested in buying the set for money.
Sure! If you'd like to add to discuss, that'd be great ^_^
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9 keys for the sticky+pipe?
No thank you, it's too low.
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3 keys for the grenade?
nooooo too low lmao
would you be willing to do a key and a tour of duty ticket for the all-stars?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.