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Hey guys and gals, Im looking for THESE unusuals! If anyone has one or is looking to sell one please let me know.
I am not buying them at full price however.
If you have a hat and it isnt on this list then DONT add or trade me unless it is a BIG discount.
Some effects I like better than others.

Some examples are:
Blizzardy Storm on the Headwarmer
Burning Flames or Smoking on the Brigade
Nuts and Bolts on the Safe and Sound

I will mostly be paying in unusuals atm, I dont have too many keys.
Happy trading :)
Geipnir | trade.tf
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selling overclocked pyromancers mask
How much are you looking for it?
Geipnir | trade.tf
i dont want qs it but also i dont want full price. what about 38 keys?
Yeah I wont make you qs it haha, I dont have that much pure atm because I just bought a few for cheap, would you be interested in any of my unusuals? I could pay full price in unusuals + keys if youd like since I know you want more if you were getting an unusual
Geipnir | trade.tf
Larrkin Robin is fine
Geipnir | trade.tf
Hermes is also nice
Geipnir | trade.tf
added to talk
Geipnir | trade.tf
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I want just tell you that my offer is still available. Just let me know. Also i wanted to sorry that i rejected our trade last time.
My offer is off the table unless you want unusuals instead of pure, I cant give that much pure away atm
How much will you offer for mine clean Circling TF2 Logo Pyromancer Mask?
Depends if you want pure or not, I would much rather give some unusuals for it
Yep, Im interested in Unusuals.. which one? And how much? Wanna add me up to discuss?
Sure thing
Water Bottles
1 Of 1 In The Existing Unusual Phononaut (Effect Smoking) for how much?
Not sure since its 1 of 1 and because I didnt necessarily ask for that hat, you could tell me how much you value it at though and ill see what I can do
Water Bottles
not sure what i could value my hat
Alright well let me know if you think of a price
Water Bottles
I have a green energy hazmat head case
How much are you looking for it?
You still looking to trade?
just saw this message, yes i am still selling it add me on steam if you are interested
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