* Circling Heart Chill Chullo - 115 keys pure (140 in unusuals)

* Cloudy Moon Tin Topi - 40 keys pure (50 in unusuals)

* Holy Grail Soldier's Requiem - 28 keys pure (36 in unusuals)
What would you value a Skill Gotten Gains Headcase (new Pyro taunt) towards the Soldier's Requiem? If interested I'd love to work something out.
I would value it at 17-18 keys pure, but to be honest i have no interest on that at the moment
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Showstopper MTM for the tin topi? Current market value is 60 keys.
Sorry not interested in MTM, but i can do it for Bonk boy + Dreadknot
No thanks.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.