Selling an assortment of items for pure only:

Chill Chullo w/ White Paint --> 20 ref

Phlogistinator w/ MvM related strange parts --> Taking offers

Air Strike w/ MvM related strange parts --> Taking offers

Pocket Pistol Strangifier --> 0.66 ref

Classic Strangifier --> 4 ref

Phlog Strangifier --> 2.66 ref

Freedom Staff --> 0.22 ref

Deus Specs --> 1.55 ref

DONT add me. Send trade offers only and I will respond ASAP.
white Demoman
I sent offer for pretty boys pocket pistol
Monkey Man
Sent offer for Classic Strangifier
how much for that air strike?
Taking offers, but previous offer was a key and I declined
ok ty!
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