Halwa S> TF2 Keys @$1.8
Welcome to Halwa's Classic Unusual Shop !

Molten Mallard Brotherhood of Arms
- b/o 125 Keys

Power Surge Capo's Capper
- b/o 50 Keys

Blizzardy Storm Dr's Dapper Topper
- b/o 37 Keys

Starstorm Insomnia Bot Dogger
- b/o 25 Keys

Cloud 9 Tyrant's Helm
- b/o 33 Keys

Disco Beat Down Stormin' Norman
- b/o 20 Keys

Stormy Storm Safe'n'Sound
- b/o 24 Keys

Ancient Codex Phononaut + Bonus! Quickselling
- b/o 28 Keys

You can also pay me in unusuals. With some overpay i will consider every unusual :D Feel free to send me an offer.
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OF Charmer for Bot Dogger?
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added for the phononaut
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Green Confetti Hong Kong Cone + Steaming BOA + Sweets for the BOA?
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18 For the Dogger?
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