Halwa S> TF2 Keys $1.7 Skrill
Tired of selling your stuff for pure ? well i can help you as i am buying quicksells.

I will offer pure for your items at a discounted rate Usually around 30% off bp.tf prices.
Send a trade offer or add me (However you should write a comment on my profile first before adding me)

Thanks Have nice day.
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hi! Mega Strike Taunt: The Schadenfreude
and Strange Collector's Professional Killstreak Pomson 6000
If you are intersted how much you will give me for it ?
I am Afraid i cannot take the taunts. Their price is just too unstable. I am mentioning it now in my post. For the collectors pomson i can do 11 keys
Hi Im selling Professional Killstreak Conniver's Kunai 4 keys
Happy Little Vengeance
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I have a Pro Ks Golden Botkiller mkl sniper rifle with exorcism, long shot kills and headshot kills. Valued on bp.tf at around 14.67 keys, selling for 30% off at 10 keys
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I didn't get the notification
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Hey can i trade you https://backpack.tf/item/6034402965 (circling tf logo well rounded rifleman) for 80 keys?
I am sorry like i said atleast 30% off. It can be more in certain cases
can you go 75?
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Searing Plasma Modest Metal Pile of Scrap 39 keys
haunted ghosts coldsnap cap
48 Keys ?
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Strange Festive Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher (Minimal Wear) with Damage Dealt
Real Madrid
Selling Skill Gotten Gains Unusual for 12 keys [BP PRICE: 23.5K] 50% OFF!
The best i can do is 8 Keys and 15 refs
I'm not a spy
quickselling clean unusual taunt: Silver Cyclone The Proletariat Posedown, seller at 35 keys so il pricet it from ther, looking to quicksell for 17.50 keys (50% off), offer me here:

thank you for your time and have a nice day (:
Star Bright
FoD Burstchester for 30 keys? Over 50% discount.
How much for my Clean D@D Danger ? .. https://backpack.tf/item/3288185071
Clean C.Heart Field Practice for 55 keys
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Interested in a Fountain of Delight Taunt: Didgeridrongo?
No sorry i am not buying taunts atm
Quick selling Searing Plasma Hong Kong Cone for 85 keys pure
added u
👌 ۞T۞O۞P۞ 👌
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Selling my unusual Purple Confetti Cyborg Stunt Helmet (there is only 1 in the world) how much your pay?
gamers rjse up
70 keys on a c. hearts physicians protector?
gamers rjse up
feel free to counter
Being suggested a price of 56 keys. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5a5cf78d44325a6f156207f8 The best i could do is beat the highest quickbuyer that is 36 keys.
starstorm slumber modest metal pile of scrap?
Infernal Flames Taunt: The Killer Solo for 52 keys (35% off 80 keys of backpack.tf price)
I am sorry but i can only take taunts if you're willing to do massive discounts on taunts.
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Terra Watt Fed Fighting Fedora
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25 keys for a Screaming Tiger High 5?
Steaming Flamenco for 14 keys 30 refined
How much for a mega strike bucking bronco?
What about a Terror-watt Brotherhood of arms
Water Bottles
Clean All Class Disco Beat Down Crown of the Old Kingdom For 150 Keys? If Yes, Send Me A Trade Offer Here :
how many keys can you offer for Hat of Cards Something Burning this Ways and a C.Heart Rack both clean
Got a Modest Metal Pile of Scrap (Scorching Flames) for 165 Keys, 30% off
Fedora Cat
Clean Searing Plasma Executioner for 50 keys pure? (30% off)
spectral swirl flippin' awesome taunt for 30 keys?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.