The Unusual Jeff
Trading 13 keys for this engie unusual
The price of this unusual is 13 keys on you can go check it out if you want

My trade link
Would you be interested in my Starstorm Slumber Wide-Brimmed Bandito for 12 keys?
The Unusual Jeff
sure but its kinda unballances in price 12-15 keys
The Unusual Jeff
what price?
The Unusual Jeff
ill be SO glad for 12 keys but if you want 13 its ok
The Unusual Jeff
sorry dude my friend got the unusual and if i dont have offers untill tomorrow hell give it to me for only 5 keys sorry man :I
The Unusual Jeff
hey guys my friend recently got the unusual i want and hes willing to give it to me for 5 keys(WOW)
so this trade will be open for 1 more day if noone sends me a trade ill just trade with my friend
i hope you understand :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.