Hey, there. I buy Crates at roughly 10 a Scrap
I'm not stingy, and am happy to round up

Everything that constitutes a Crate is valid (it requires a key to open), and I will purchase as many (as many) as you offer

Hit me up!: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=105011729&token=fJCQiAfb
If you hate Crates, think of it as a Backpack Expander :P

Brief FAQ
Q: For what purpose?
A: Just to collect Crates. The closest thing to any kind of "endgame" I have is to set a world record at some point in the future

Q: Do you buy specific ones for more?
A: I don't, the price is standard. I'll do my best to notify you if you're trading any expensive ones, but it isn't always obvious (#83, for instance, which looks exactly like all the other Munition Crates)

Q: I accidentally traded you some expensive ones. Halp!
A: Don't worry, hit me up and you can have them back

Q: How many have you purchased?
A: As of making this post, roughly 90,000

Q: How do you store all those?
A: Many, many accounts
Rebecon (G.E.W.H.)
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Hey there! Would you be willing to buy hundreds of crates?
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Are you accept any crates?
Thanks for the offer. Seems your almost out of metal though. :P
Connor | RK800
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Oh, Hi Again ;)
Carlos Badumts
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Hello, I have 55 crates to offer you, however for some random reason your itens don't show up in trade offer
Giggino 'o ministro
Any kind of crates?
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Offer sent.
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