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I got some extra Collector's sets Im working on and these sets are dang near finished and just need 1 weapon so whoever buys it can have Only their name in the history.

Some of the sets are on the market so give me an offer here if not in my BP....or you can buy from market and pay the taxes.

(1/200) means you only need 1 weapon to finish

1/200 - Collector's Scotsman's Skullcutter Chemistry Set(5 keys)

1/200 - Collector's Jag Chemistry Set (12 keys)

1/200 - Collector's Enforcer Chemistry Set(6 keys)

1/200 - Collector's Persian Persuader Chemistry Set (7 keys)

1/200 - Collector's Warrior's Spirit Chemistry Set (5 keys)

1/200 - Collector's Bonk! Atomic Punch Chemistry Set (5 keys)

177/200 - Collector's Festive Flare Gun Chemistry Set(4 keys) -------------- {Got 23 put into it}

153/200 - Collector's Festive Gloves of Running Urgently Chemistry Set(6 keys) ---------------- {Got 47 put into it already}

167/200 - Collector's Festive Jarate Chemistry Set(6 keys) ---------------(Got 33 into it)

Theres no spreadsheet price for Collector's Chemistry Sets that I know of so Im doing my best to price them.

The Collector's sets seemed to be getting rarer.

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So do you want like the keys that are listed for them? i added you as well so we can chat im very interested in buying a collectors item.
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