Foamy the Fearsome
★★★ Heavy's heaven ★★★

★ STRANGE Hot Merc-stained minigun (Mercenary grade/Minimal wear): 150 keys decided to keep
★ Hot Macaw masked tomislav (Commando grade/Well-worn): 50 keys Sold for strange unusual disciplinary action, I added a peace baker
★ Isotope brick house minigun (Specialized killstreak, mercenary grade, battlescarred): 37 keys Sold for 37 keys

Open to offers. Strange unusual weapons work well; would like to upgrade the nonstrange ones for instance, or sidegrade the strange one. Id have specific interests in strange hot rocket launchers, black boxes or airstrikes; as well as strange isotope medi guns, ubersaws and/or crusaders crossbows. I may be picky on the skin in some cases, though not specificly on the med ones I guess.

I already managed to get myself a medgun and airstrike as described above, so those no longer hold my preference

Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below or anything
~Foamy :3
If you're still taking offers on your Strange Unu Minigun I would like to offer my Sunbeams Polar Bear.
Foamy the Fearsome
Thanks for the offer, but Ive made it a permanent part of my heavy set :P I'll probably remake my trade soon to avoid confusion. Good luck selling, though!
I could also add my own Festive Prof. KS Minigun for it. To replace it? :)
would you be interested in a Smoking Smokey Sombrero for the remaining minigun? added on steam but i figured i'd ask here too :>
note: willing to add up to 20 keys pure because my hat isn't solidly priced yet
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.