Looking to sell my unusuals for unusual offers, pure or PayPal!

Things to note:
- They are ALL CLEAN and NON-DUPED
- If offering unusuals, I am expecting overpay
- I prefer 1st gen unusuals so the more you have in the offer, the more likely I'll be interested in it
- Please don't offer unusual weapons or taunts
- If you are interested in purchasing them via PayPal, you must have substantial rep with recent transactions made (Also link me your Backpack. tf trust profile if making an offer)

I am most interested in pure offers (Will discount) but will consider any other offers

Please add me if you're interested in buying one of the unusuals for pure keys or PayPal

Prices in pure (More in unusuals/Willing to negotiate):

Green Energy Executioner --> 170 keys

Strange Unusual Circling Heart Private Eye w/ Bruised Purple Footprints Halloween Spell --> 35 keys

Green Energy Cotton Head --> 220 keys

Sunbeams Modest Pile of Hat --> 170 keys

Morning Glory Crown of the Old Kingdom --> 520 keys

Purple Energy Brown Bomber --> 220 keys

Green Energy Herald's Helm --> 60 keys

I am also willing to do bulk deals, but again, you must have substantial rep on Backpack. tf trust ratings.

I am aiming to downgrade some of my more expensive unusuals into cheaper 1st gen unusuals, especially for the Crown and Cotton Head

The best way to make an offer is by sending a trade offer. I will be online most of the time so I will respond ASAP

Please leave a comment on this trade or my steam profile if you decide to add me.
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