• Completed
Taking offers on some dank unusual self-unboxes and a bunsen brave

- Harvest Moon Commando Elite :- Keep the offers above 80; But feel free to offer anything, you might have something I'd love to have.
- Bubbling Battle Boonie :- No idea so shoot.
- Miami Nights Bunsen Brave w/ Halloween spells :- 28 Keys or Overpay in unusuals.
- Power Surge Ze Goggles :- 30 Keys or Overpay in Unusuals.
- Molten Mallard Cadaver's Cranium :- 18 Keys or Overpay.
- Aces High Slick Cut :- 15 Keys or Overpay.

Fairly disinterested in most unusual taunts, robohats and weapons but always ready to listen to all offers.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.