Swiggity Swagger
Prices soon. Feel Free to offer.

In Backpack
Green Black Hole Noble -
G Fetti Woolen -

On Marketplace
G Fetti Hetmans -
Memory Leak Tower -
Cannonball -
Kiss King -
N&B Ballcap -
Flies Mining Light -

Offer Trade me and give it a shot!

My Market place shop.
13 keys for minning light
Swiggity Swagger
Hi, quick buyers are buying for 14, I could do 16 though. Cheapest out there.
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
Heya Dog, I have a Cloud9 Crown of old kingdom (90k) And maybe something else for your Green and Black Hole Nobel??
9.5 for the grin fetti hetman heat peaace :)
Swiggity Swagger
Looks like you bought a searing mongolian. I'll pass on that hat.
yeah sorry :) i might be buying that soon. Btw do you accept the 9.5 k on that hat?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.