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Hey guys and gals! Im discounting this nice THEMED unusual! :D
Despite the look of the hat, I assure you its clean ;)
Massed Flies on Sniper is always themed, for anyone that doesn't know.
Im only taking 10 keys pure. I bought it for 10 so realistically I will only go 10 as my lowest in pure.
C/O: 10 (retracted twice already) people dont understand its a good deal haha
BP.TF Says 12 so this is a pretty sweet offer.
If you have the pure and wish to trade me you can send me a trade offer.
Mr. Mann
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how is that themed?
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Sniper hats with massed flies are always themed, look it up ;)
Mr. Mann
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This is not themed at all
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.