->♕1. Master M™♕<-
Clean legendary Burning KE.

Interested in Pan's, Keys, Burning, Scorching, Sunbeams KE, Antler and other All-Class God Tier Hats / Misc's with Burning / Scorching Flames & Sunbeams. -> Hats well over 1000+ Keys worth. (Taking duped hats too, of course.)

No Vintage, Collector's, Craft's#, Taunt's also no CS:GO items of any kind.
Also no Unusual Weapons!

No reason to sell it for cheap. No rush to sell it.

Offer here or send a trade offer. (No joke offers pls, had enough of 'em)

Notable offers so far:
- Scorching KE (Duped, ~2000) + Scorching TC (Duped, ~1500) + Gold Pan (Clean, 2000+) [To low but nice items] https://img.../Dcwmf
- Beams KE (Clean, ~2500+) + Burning Pullover (Clean, ~3000) + Haunted Phantasm Victory Lap [Great Hats but not enough] https://img.../ezphV
- Harvest Pullover (Clean, ~2000, maybe more idk) + Burning Crone's (Clean, 1500) + Scorching Crone's (Clean, 1500) + Tesla Crone's (Clean, 150) + Burning HWNN (Clean, 300) + 10 Unusual Taunts https://img.../zsw1V
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Wait I'm blind why does it say 1606 views with 0 comments? Dope hat btw
Big Ol Bessie
cuz tf2 OP dead
Makes sense
so true
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