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Monkey Breeder
Stormy Storm Ol' Snaggletooth: 11 keys

Green Energy Noble Amassment of Hats: 54 keys

Terror-Watt Stormin' Norman: 12 keys

also taking any offers of CSGO items, unusuals, or other mixed offers!

Also selling unusuals for $$ at: https://mar...tfreek
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I'd like to offer a Vivid Plasma Elfin Deal, Smoking Frenchman's Beret [1 of 1 on the Market] and a Holy Grail Battin' a 1000 for the Noble.
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Hi! I am interested in your offer for the Terror-Watt Stormin' Norman! I have a Steaming Doctors Sack for the medic. On it is priced at 10-11 keys (but people normally sell them for like 8.5 keys) so i was wondering if you were willing to negotiate? Because even though the Steaming Doctors Sack was priced at about 10-11 keys on, it is basically worth about 8.5 keys, which for the sake of simplicity, I will round it up to 9 keys, I also have one more key pure, which i could give you too. So in prices, I am giving you about 11-12 keys worth, but in normal prices i am giving you only about 10 keys, so i was wondering if you are allowing about 2 keys to slip past? Feel free to add me on steam to give your reply, or just reply to me here. Thanks!
Monkey Breeder
sorry 2 keys is a good % since the b/o is only 12 keys anyway but if u can get 11 pure now i can trade
Ok, sorry but I cant really acquire another key, but thanks for replying tho!
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I can offer 7 keys for stormin norman
i ahve an offer
of my pconfetti warhood add me plz
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.