Unusual A Well Wrapped Hat

I'll just take an offer if it's good enough. No buyout but the bp price can be a guide.

100% pure offers i can go lower than bptf price
no interest in taunts OR it has to be huge overpay !
also downgrading in multiple hats

This is my trade. Don't ask me to offer on your stuff.
I don't do paypal, buy your keys first then offer.
Steam mobile authenticated ✓

I ignore random adds....so
DONT ADD ME ON STEAM only when i tell you, post your OFFER here first !!
Anything other than offers will be considered spam. Do not post here if it is not an offer!
private profiles/level 0 will be blocked
I dont click links

Remember to "Share the Love" on my Outpost Profile
Screaming Tiger Conga + Isotope (MW) Spark of Life Medigun, both are untradable until the 19th.
interesting offer but not keen on taunts, sell it and instead offer me keys and ill be interested :)
I'll see what i can get from it, just unboxed it recently.
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