Selling 100+ unusuals for keys or overpay in items!

Scorching Flames Fancy Fedora: 135 keys
Anti-Freeze Large Luchadore: 250 keys
Strange Anti-Freeze Ground Control: 200 keys
Anti-Freeze Pirate Bandanna: 150 keys
Anti-Freeze Costa Nostra Cap: 80 keys
Phosphorous Metal Slug: 40 keys
Kill-a-Watt Mask of the Shaman with halloween spell: 80 keys
Kill-a-Watt Biccaneer's Bicorne with 2 halloween spells: 25 keys

These are pure prices. You need to overpay if you don't have keys.

Accepting keys (you don't need to overpay if offering in keys), australiums, unusuals, collectors, stranges, promo offers, every single TF2 item.

I can also sell my items on the Steam Community Market and on, you cover the necessary fees.

If I decline your offer, feel free to offer me again, it's probably not enough for me to accept. I'm interested in everything you can sell if you do good overpay or a good quicksell price.

Don't forget to bookmark my trade and don't be afraid to offer! I consider every single offer.

Send me a trade offer or add me.

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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.