A Delicious Cashew
Taking offers on these unusuals

Pure Prices (more in unusuals):

Mega Strike Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare - 23 keys
Power Surge Gentleman's Gatsby - 22 keys
Green Energy Shooter's Sola Topi - 22 keys
Blizzardy Storm Conquistador - 17 keys

Strange Aces High Specialized Killstreak Big Chief - 16 keys
Bubbling Towering Pillar of Hats - 15 keys
Energy Orb Professional Killstreak Low Profile SMG (Field-Tested) - 15 keys
Steaming Reggaelator - 14 keys

Not interested in most halloween, EOTL, or robo effects
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Could you lower the shooters sola by two keys if so I would buy it
A Delicious Cashew
I think the price is already fair, don't really want to go lower
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I see you showstopper for sola
A Delicious Cashew
no thanks, not too interested in taunts
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I can get you 22 keys for the Gatsby in pure if you just hold onto it for a bit
A Delicious Cashew
How long would it take you to get keys? I do accept unusual offers as well if that would be easier for you
hmmmmmmm it could be a week depending on a QB buying my fukaamigasa, unless you'd do a 1 for 1?
A Delicious Cashew
any chance you could add a bit?
its already worth 29 keys for it and Im getting 22 from another person so not really
I'm interested in the Reggaelator, but im really low on keys so could you discount it down to 11 keys? (I dont have the keys right now but I'll soon have them if you say yes).
A Delicious Cashew
11 would be too low for me
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.