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✠Mad Max✠
Fucking Seal (OwO)
ima give u ma 23 key all class unusual
stavo lft
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vintage max, beams patriot peak, and ghastly ghosts laughing taunt hearts private eye and sweets?
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a CSGO howl 0.02 away from being factory new (minimal wear) *390-400 csgo keys*
the only level 69 cloud 9 viewfinder (renamed pornhub VR ),
cleanest TF logo pollar pullover in existance (3 people history)
Time Wrap Demo stove pipe with a purple color spell fitting to the time wrap effect
Hot unusual festive woodland warrior rocket launcher, *200 keys*
and 1/1 morning glory screaming eagle

this is about 1200 keys in tf2 bp prices not counting that csgo keys worth more then tf2 and that some on there are unique like the viewfinder. add me if youre intressted or if you want to disscuss.
Boneless Watermelon
1700 in unusuals besides my stashes and mancer
✠Mad Max✠
ill think about it
✠Mad Max✠
feel free to add me to discuss, not saying i made decision yet but incase i got questions or whatever we can talk in chat rather communicating over outpost , cheers
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Darkblaze Charmer's Chapeau+Scorching Flames Dark Falkirk Helm+Scorching Flames Human Cannonball+Sunbeams Chill Chullo+100 ticket mvm
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