• Completed
Taking offers on some dank unusual self-unboxes and some other stuff.

- Harvest Moon Commando Elite :- Keep the offers above 80; But feel free to offer anything, you might have something I'd love to have.
- Cloud 9 Hetmans Headpiece :- 18 keys or Overpay in unusuals.
- Power Surge Ze Goggles :- 30 Keys or Overpay in Unusuals.
- Molten Mallard Cadaver's Cranium :- 18 Keys or Overpay.
- Specialized Killstreak Vivid Plasma Hustlers Hallmark :- 45 Keys or 50 in Unusual Overpay.

Fairly disinterested in most unusual taunts, robohats and weapons but always ready to listen to all offers.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.