away for work for a few months
pure only
1 130 keys
2 100
3 70
4 90
5 100
6 60
7 250
Cool field-tested killstreak Anodized Aloha Scattergun for the shotty?
na sorry man i dont like any new kill skins
The Mighty Anus
HP Conga + Rancho, Mega Strike Broom + VL & 72 Skullcracker
i hope that not for the pan
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idk how much is the medigun but i have a offer for that
australium prof ks rocket launcher with parts for a medigun
sorry notes say pure only
and cheapest medigun pro is 135 $ and rocket is $85
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62 USD via Paypal for Iso GL
the price is 62 keys not $
sorry im an aut
is 3 for the shotgun
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.