Oº.• Dr. Peppermint •.ºO
Strange Haunted Ghosts Villain's Veil

• • B/O: 200 keys pure -- more in unusual/item over pay! (more interested in mixed and unusual offers than pure!) • •

Any hats/weapons or effects are welcome! Don't be scared to offer, I'll consider it :)

Unusual taunts or any of the Halloween 2016 effects will be declined

Mobile Authenticator - ✔

I get a lot of random adds. Please comment on my profile that you're adding me to trade! Thanks.
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ghastly ghost laughing taunt priced 300 atm
Not accepting taunts
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How much would you have me add on top of an orb planets S. Unus Hunter in Darkness; 1 of 1 new all class.
Wouldn't add, you would have to. Not interested in orb planets thanks.
I asked how much youd have me add xd
Oh sorry! I do apologizes, Im tired and not reading it carefully. I'm not really sure, Not greatly interested in unpriced items at the moment.
Oh alright well thanks for your time i guess. Feel free to let me know if you have a change of mind.
No worries :) thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.