Buying and selling spelled items. Pure heavily preferred. Expect to overpay in items. Prices are negotiable.

Brotherhood of Arms (All-Class Hat) (Rotten Orange Footprints) {1/1!} is priced at around 6.5-7 keys.
Genuine Killer Exclusive (All-Class Hat) (Voices from Below) is priced at around 2.5-3 keys.
Killer Exclusive (All-Class Hat) (Spectral Spectrum) is around 5-6 keys. Price negotiable.
Bill's Hat (All-Class Hat) (Spectral Spectrum) is priced at around 6-6.5 keys. Price negotiable.
Genuine Tough Guy's Toque (Team Spirit Footprints!) is priced at around 4-4.5 keys. Price negotiable.
Fast Learner (Scout Cosmetic) (Die Job) is priced at around 3-4 keys. Price negotiable.
All-Father (All-Class Cosmetic) (Spectral Spectrum & Voices from Below) {Double-spelled, 1/1!} is around 15 keys. Price negotiable.
All-Father (All-Class Cosmetic) (Spectral Spectrum is around 7 keys. Price negotiable.

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