Selling 100+ unusuals! Send me a trade offer or add me.

Orbiting Planets Hat With No Name: 20 keys
Orbiting Planets Napper's Respite: 12 keys
Orbiting Planets Tavish DeGroot: 11 keys
Massed Flies Blast Defense: 12 keys
Massed Flies Bloke's Bucket Hat: 16 keys
Purple Confetti Kiss King: 50 keys
Purple Confetti A Rather Festive Tree: 26 keys
Purple Confetti Geisha Boy: 30 keys

Accepting keys (you don't need to overpay if offering in keys), australiums, unusuals, collectors, stranges, promo offers, every single TF2 item.

I can also sell my items on Steam Community Market and on, you cover the necessary fees.

If I decline your offer, feel free to offer me again, it's probably not enough for me to accept. I'm interested in everything you can sell if you do good overpay or a good quicksell price.

Don't forget to bookmark my trade and don't be afraid to offer! I consider every single offer.

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The Unusual Soupia
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Hey there
i rlly want the rather festive tree but i only have an unusual oblooterated taunt(infernal flames) that worths 21.5-22 keys but i can add 4 keys(which ill propably buy today :I)
Are you interested?
tell me if you are :)
The Unusual Soupia
oh yea i forgot i wont be able to trade the keys cause they wont be tradeable for like 3-4 days
The Unusual Soupia
but still tell me if you are interested
Sorry, not interested in taunts
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.