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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Super Duper Jasper: I see. Will you be on in 2 hours?
Thux: I dont think so
Thux: Because ill head to bed now
Thux: ive already said at the beginnning
Thux: Just send me a trade offer
Thux: And ill accept as soon as i can
Thux: Thisd the best way since we live in different time zones
Super Duper Jasper: idk if I'm willing to pay top dollar for something I am not sure I want.
Thux: So? Is anything gonna happen now?
Thux: Ok
Thux: Thanks for wasting my time then
Super Duper Jasper: Not really willing to pay that much pure for ANOTHER all class unusual when I have 2 already.
Thux: An answer at lesst
Thux: Still a waste of time
Thux: Lol
Super Duper Jasper: Don't be mad at me because you weren't a good enough sales man to sell me on yet ANOTHER all classer. Like. Gave you my offer. Got no reply. Not really to worried about it tbh, prices weren't right and I wasn't feeling it.
Thux is now Online.
Thux: What do you mean
Thux: I did respond to your offer
Thux: And said it was 2 keys too low
Thux: Then you said youd get more
Thux: And that you should send a TRADE OFFER
Thux: But apparently you werent able to do so
Thux: So its your fault not mine
Super Duper Jasper: Oh No I am. I have more then enough. Not willing to pay what you're asking though, which is why nothing ever came of it. Not going to offer on something I don't feel like buying
Thux: At least the noble gentleman is able to respond
Thux: Not my problem or that i am "not a good enough sales man" if youre just impolite
Thux: Lol
Super Duper Jasper: The noble gentleman? Kid I had no interest in the trade anymore. I don't have to trade with you. I am under 0 obligation to do anything with you.
Thux: Yeah, but you couldve told me at least
Thux: But
Super Duper Jasper: 0.00% reason for me to tell you
Super Duper Jasper: As far as the world as concerned, me not sending you a trade offer is enough
Thux: Since youre an impolite asshole who thinks hes the best
Thux: Yeah once again
Thux: An asshole
Super Duper Jasper: This I know
Thux: Youre blocked
Thux: Kid
Super Duper Jasper: Please.
Super Duper Jasper: Your rep will reflect this convo
Thux: Haha
Thux: Oh yes
Thux: Definitely
Super Duper Jasper: Because I did the common thing and just didn't send an offer because you didn't like my offer and I didn't want to offer again?
Super Duper Jasper: Right
Thux: Wow
Thux: Now youre turning things wrong
Thux: Great
Super Duper Jasper: Literally exactly how it went bud
Thux: Not really
Super Duper Jasper: https://ste...mbored
Thux: You said youd get more
Thux: I told you to send an offer
Super Duper Jasper: I said i'd think about it, then I did more research and eh
Thux: Then
Thux: You still couldve told me
Thux: Anyway
Super Duper Jasper: at no point was I at an agreement verbal or otherwise to buy your hat. Therein I offer no reasons as to why I had to notify you
Super Duper Jasper: lmfao
Thux: Im done here
Thux: Bye
Thux is now Offline.

Learn a lesson kiddos
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.