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All Prices are up for negotiation, return buyers get return buyer prices :)

I have hundreds of Unusual(s) at a time! Listing the price for each one can get tire some! I know it's not ideal, but if you make an offer on my Outpost or post a comment on my Steam Profile, I WILL see it.

Many of my items are on if you want to buy an item via or negotiate its listing price, post on my Outpost or Steam and add me!

Need extra cash? Want to liquidate your TF2 || Dota 2 || CSGO Inventory? Look no further, I not only sell items, I buy them!
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hey! im a small and new trader and i would love to buy your items. i have one unusual at the moment, its not a big on but its worth 40 dollars on steam. it would help out alot if i could trade my stuff for these items, anything helps
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.