Foamy the Fearsome
★★★ Cool halloween stuff for sale ★★★

★ Misty skull yellow belt: 150 keys (high tier sniper misc)
★ Cloudy moon stahlhelm: 110 keys Sold with 5 keys for a scorching honcho's

- The belt is duped

Upgrades, downgrades, anything is possible. More likely to upgrade to items I would actually wear; cool high tier miscs will do well
Trade offers preferred, but you can also add me or comment below

~Foamy :3
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Clean 1/2 On market tf logo hkc for the the helm !
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73 on helm
Foamy the Fearsome
No thanks, that would be too low for me
Oki, thnx
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**NEW OFFER** Clean Death at Dusk Danger + 15 keys for the helm :D
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