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Trying to sell either one of these items...

Blokes Bucket Hat: 22 keys pure

This is a very nice hat with a super clean animation that should be in my opinion a high tier effect. The hat is painted white which matches the rainbow effect this hat has.

Sniper Rifle: 8 keys

None currently selling on the steam market because it is very rare (also factory new). This skin is a team based skin, where the wood is red on the red team and blue and the blue team. Not to mention the sheen on this rifle is team shine so it matches even better. The rifle is also strange and festivized, which really makes the rifle altogether a sight to see. Trying to sell this bad boy for 8 keys pure.

If you want to buy this as a set, 30 keys pure is what I want

Offer a trade if you'd like or just add me to discuss:
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.