->♕1. Master M™♕<-
Cleanest Secret TC in existence. Also Retired God Tier Halloween effect and Voices from below spell.

Keys and other TC's interest me. (1. Gen effects, also Arcana, Moon, Darkblaze and Hellfire)

No Vintage, Collector's, Craft's#, Taunt's also no CS:GO items of any kind.
Also no Unusual Weapons!

Notable offers so far:
✠Mad Max✠
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pricerange for unusual overpay ?
That depends. Prefer a TC in the offer. But will listen to all offers of course.
✠Mad Max✠
how much in unusuals i would need to add to a 1 of 1 in existence harvest moon headsplitter
Don't like the Headsplitter, sry.
✠Mad Max✠
fair enough , cheers
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Could offer 750$ per bank transfer
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