Sniffer [HAX]
pure only
space man 750 pure only
pyromancer with spell clean 300 pure
pan with spells gliched that transfer to all primary weapons in loadout
B/O 1450 pure only
I wish i had that golden pan. 2 halloween spells applied to it.
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Clean TF logo HKC OR clean D@D Danger with 15 keys on top OR Duped Stormy the 13th Demo Fro with 10 keys on top for your noble
hey you want a its a secret to everybody viewfinder for your pan?
Sniffer [HAX]
no thanks
Pooma - Gaben ftw
Hey what can I get for a burning flames brother hood of arms?
Sniffer [HAX]
you could sell it on marketplace im guessing
Pooma - Gaben ftw
No i meant from ur gp and unusuals
Sniffer [HAX]
no thanks all my iteams are only for pure
Pooma - Gaben ftw
Ah okay
How much pure you looking to get for the noble amassment of hats?
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Is 1100 keys enough for the pan?
Sniffer [HAX]
no sorry i need 1400 cause spells can never be put on a pan again and it works on all wepons in your loadout
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.