WTB Unusual Scorch Shot and Powerjack, (or just War Paint) each with Isotope effect and one of following skins:
Clover Camo'd ; Quack Canvassed ; Bank Rolled ; Croc Dusted

mostly interesting in Field-Tested, Minimal Wear or Factory New:

Paying 22 keys for Scorch Shot and 25 keys for Powerjack (if Field Tested) (or 25 for war paint)
Paying 26 keys for Scorch Shot and 28 keys for Powerjack (if Minimal Wear) (or 28 for war paint)
Paying 30 keys for Scorch Shot and 32 keys for Powerjack (if Factory New) (or 32 for war paint)

May consider buying for less or not at all if its worse wear (Well-Worn or Battle Scarred) and if its not skin im looking for.
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