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Selling this amazing Stormy Storm Hard Counter!

-B/O: 20 Keys Pure (1/1 on the Market/Discounted) or 27+ in Item Overpay

-C/O: ~


-Extremely Themed

Interested in Downgrading!

Will ALWAYS Beat all other seller’s Prices!

Open to ALL Offers!!!
(Even Quickbuy Ones!)

Note: I’m not exactly looking for taunts or weapons at the moment. Most of them are either extremely outdated, overpriced, or just not priced at all. The only way that I may be interested in one of them is if it is clean, has a fairly new price, and has other sellers/buyers on the market (At around what it is priced at, not 90% Off).

Price is ALWAYS Discounted for Pure and is negotiable!

Can add me or send an offer, but if you are adding me, please leave a comment on my profile. Thanks! :)

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