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I am BUYING all Professional kits. I PAY QUICKLY AND PURE KEYS!
I pay more for Team Shine, Tornado effect and pay less for green shines and I also pay less for Hypno-Beam and Singularity. I might pay more for parts etc...
Some of the kits are listed here: (Hit CTRL+F to find your desired kit) If your kit is not here then do not worry I can still consider buying it!
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Force-A-Nature 13 KEYS 7 REF
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Scattergun 29 KEYS
Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Scattergun 18 KEYS
Strange Professional Killstreak Soda Popper 1 KEY 14 REF
Professional Killstreak Scattergun 4 KEYS 14 REF
[/color]Strange Professional Killstreak Scattergun 6 KEYS 20 REF
Strange Professional Killstreak Back Scatter 1 KEY 15 REF
Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Force-A-Nature 3 KEYS 16 REF
Professional Killstreak Back Scatter 14 REF

Add me only if you wanna tell me something important otherwise just simply send an offer or write a comment down below, thanks!. I can negotiate and prices here may not be final.
Prices listed here are just estimates.
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Strange Scattergun Parts
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