Selling Heavily Discounted ALL CLASS HAT Unusual! 20% OFF!

Disco Beat Down Neckwear Headgear B/O: 45 Keys
-Considered the Best Budget Unusual!
-One of the best 3rd Gen Effects!
-Perfect for Smissmas!
-10.5 Keys off bp. price (20% off!)

*****If you are offering pure keys, I will beat any other seller of the hat! Trade to me!*****

Can and Will do Upgrades/Downgrades/Mixed! (At base price of the hat) 15% markup!

[/color=#FA380C] If you are interested in my unusual on this post, send me a TRADE OFFER!, comment below, or add me! I don't mind :D

>>> <<<

Thanks and have a good day!
Very interested! Just waiting my unusual to be tradable.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.