Prices for pure are negotiable, item offers need good overpay

BS Cool Dream Piped War Paint - 85 keys steam://run...239908
WW Isotope Bonk Varnished War Paint - 85 keys steam://run...718677
FN Isotope Quack Canvassed War Paint - 80 keys steam://run...650789
FT Isotope Bank Rolled War Paint - 70 keys steam://run...901400
FT Hot Bank Rolled War Paint - 60 keys steam://run...224564
WW Cool Bloom Buffed War Paint - 40 keys steam://run...759214
WW Isotope Leopard Printed War Paint - 40 keys steam://run...301622
FT Isotope Cardboard Boxed War Paint - 40 keys steam://run...736925
Yukihira Souma
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I have 20 keys pure if you quicksell it add me
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.