Selling the following Unusuals for Keys or Offers:

- Massed Flies Brown Bomber: 35 Keys or Offer.

- Smoking Tough Stuff Muffs: 26 Keys or Offer.

- Cloud 9 Noble Amassment of Hats: 28 Keys or Offer.

- Terror Watt Nickle Noble Amassment of Hats: 30 Keys or Offer.

- M.H.P Universal Translator: 28 Keys or Offer.

- Purple Energy Ol Snaggletooth (CLEAN): 35 Keys or Offer.

- Cloud 9 Fed Fightin Fedora: 30 Keys or Offer.

- Fountain of Delight High Five: 60 Keys or Offer.

IF offering Unusuals or items, an overpay of 15-25% is needed depending on the hats. Exception to most Charmer's Chapeaus and Le Party Phantoms.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.