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Items at market, add me to trade.
(Villainous Violet) Specialized Whoopee Cap Ghastly Ghosts Jr 50 key
Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood Kill-a-Watt 34 key
Brainiac Hairpiece Purple Confetti 72 key
Das Gutenkutteharen Vivid Plasma 50 key
Das Maddendoktor Searing Plasma 63 key
Armored Authority Flaming Lantern 76 key
Brotherhood of Arms Aces High 48 key
Capo's Capper Aces High 15 key
Cloud Crasher Aces High 18 key
Connoisseur's Cap Bubbling 12 key
Cosa Nostra Cap Haunted Ghosts 44 key
Mountebank's Masque Dead Presidents 90 key
Demoman's Fro Bubbling 10 key
Rimmed Raincatcher Nuts n' Bolts 9 key
Tippler's Tricorne Dead Presidents 11 key
Executioner Eerie Orbiting Fire 60 key
Pirate Bandana Smoking 15 key
Cotton Head Green Confetti 50 key
Flipped Trilby Nuts n' Bolts 11 key
Furious Fukaamigasa Massed Flies 10 key
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative Starstorm Insomnia 47 key
Gym Rat Steaming 10 key
Gym Rat Smoking 10 key
Pugilist's Protector Flaming Lantern 19 key
Infernal Impaler Starstorm Insomnia 45 key
Killer Exclusive Nuts n' Bolts 29 key
Large Luchadore Eerie Orbiting Fire 38 key
Larrikin Robin Stormy Storm 15 key
Ol' Geezer Blizzardy Storm 14 key
Prancer's Pride Searing Plasma 14 key
Respectless Rubber Glove Aces High 11 key
Old Guadalajara Steaming 14 key
Flamboyant Flamenco Orbiting Planets 15 key
Handyman's Handle Nuts n' Bolts 10 key
Gridiron Guardian Miami Nights 11 key
Halogen Head Lamp Dead Presidents 10 key
Halogen Head Lamp Aces High 11 key
Platinum Pickelhaube Nuts n' Bolts 9 key
Electric Escorter Purple Confetti 10 key
Firewall Helmet Aces High 18 key
Metal Slug Stormy Storm 14 key
Pyro's Boron Beanie Starstorm Insomnia 20 key
Ye Oiled Baker Boy Aces High 14 key
Bonk Leadwear Smoking 15 key
Sole Mate Smoking 25 key
Whoopee Cap Orbiting Fire 15 key
Dr's Dapper Topper Kill-a-Watt 47 key
Dr's Dapper Topper TF Logo 36 key
Frontier Djustice Starstorm Insomnia 40 key
Razor Cut Orbiting Fire 39 key
Razor Cut Nuts n' Bolts 13 key
Employee of the Mmmph Haunted Phantasm Jr 37 key
Spook Specs Green Confetti 60 key
Tipped Lid Purple Confetti 52 key
Bloke's Bucket Hat Smoking 10 key
Bloke's Bucket Hat Dead Presidents 12 key
Shooter's Sola Topi Dead Presidents 9 key
Shooter's Sola Topi Bubbling 10 key
Hat With No Name Aces High 33 key
Sultan's Ceremonial Massed Flies 11 key
Team Captain Purple Confetti 70 key
Big Elfin Deal Nuts n' Bolts 10 key
Towering Pillar of Hats Dead Presidents 24 key
El Jefe Orbiting Planets 17 key
Brown Bomber Blizzardy Storm 80 key
Mann of Reason Orbiting Fire 13 key
Runner's Warm-Up Starstorm Insomnia 40 key
Stormin' Norman Aces High 11 key
Pampered Pyro Strange Blizzardy Storm 29 key
Fortunate Son Bubbling 18 key
Outta' Sight Steaming 20 key
Physician's Protector Nuts n' Bolts 18 key
Crit Cloak Peace Sign 69 key
Crit Cloak Massed Flies 39 key
Feathered Fiend Green Confetti 69 key
Big Topper Starstorm Slumber 16 key
Nasty Norsemann Starstorm Slumber 21 key
A Head Full of Hot Air Subatomic 13 key
A Head Full of Hot Air Strange Electric Hat Protector 12 key
Airdog Green Energy 34 key
Pardner's Pompadour Orbiting Fire 19 key
Berliner's Bucket Helm Smoking 12 key
Buckaroos Hat Bubbling 9 key
Cadaver's Cranium Cloud 9 10 key
Rimmed Raincatcher Dead Presidents 14 key
Nanobalaclava Steaming 10 key
Nanobalaclava Steaming 10 key
Western Wear Stormy Storm 12 key
Boxcar Bomber Nuts n' Bolts 25 key
Brim-Full Of Bullets Nuts n' Bolts 13 key
Furious Fukaamigasa Massed Flies 10 key
Grimm Hatte Blizzardy Storm 21 key
Tough Guy's Toque Bubbling 11 key
Outdoorsman Bubbling 9 key
Gym Rat Haunted Ghosts 28 key
Hard Counter Miami Nights 12 key
Harmburg Disco Beat Down 25 key
Magnificent Mongolian TF Logo 10 key
Medic's Mountain Cap Stormy Storm 15 key
Ol' Snaggletooth Dead Presidents 13 key
Prancer's Pride Bubbling 11 key
Vintage Merryweather Steaming 12 key
Bolted Bicorne Green Confetti 16 key
Pyro's Boron Beanie Dead Presidents 10 key
Dark Falkirk Helm Bubbling 17 key
Bloke's Bucket Hat Nuts n' Bolts 9 key
Chieftain's Challenge TF Logo 27 key
Chieftain's Challenge Smoking 19 key
Killer's Kabuto Dead Presidents 21 key
Hat of Cards Massed Flies 20 key
Prince Tavish's Crown Nuts n' Bolts 10 key
Familiar Fez Terror-Watt 15 key
Plumber's Cap Bubbling 68 key
Commando Elite Kill-a-Watt 18 key
A Head Full of Hot Air Strange Galactic Codex 14 key
Airdog Strange Peace Sign 18 key
Airdog Strange Green Confetti 16 key
Battle Boonie Peace Sign 34 key
One Tap
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how many keys do you want me to add for the star storm norseman?
One Tap
add to a midnight whirlwind burstcheser
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Not interested in taunts, sorry
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.