Buying Discounted Australiums

Key Stock - 324 Keys
I'm not counting Parts/Spells/Sheens/Effects
I will pay more for Spec ks and Pro Ks
If you offer me full price, I'm instantly going to decline

I'm not demanding a set % off, but keep in mind I'M NOT PAYING FULL PRICE

I'm not going to offer on your Stuff, post your price, I may or may not counter offer

Trade Offers Preferred tho feel free to add me
Brownie ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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If you are interested: How much would you pay a 32 key Infernal Flames Balloonibouncer taunt?
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Added ya to trade for australium rocket launcher
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I have an pro killstreak festivized Aussie knife (priced 30) are you willing to do 29? Counter offer me :D
There's sellers asking for 27, would you go lower?
26.5 keys?
B.U.T.T.M.A.N 420 69
i am selling a spec ks festivized australium black box for 12 keys and 10 ref want it?
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