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To find a weapon with a custom name in my backpack, you need to put it's name into search bar.

- overpay in items is listed on my backpack ( I don't count paints, parts, spells)
- overpay in unusuals - 40%
- overpay in 3rd gen's effects and robohats - 50%

Prices is listed in my backpack:
1. Put item name in a search bar.
2. Point on item and you'll see price in keys and refs.

Example: https://img.../qmc1L

Put exact amount of pure and offer will be accepted automatically!

If you willing to overpay in items post here or add me on steam ( dont forget to leave message on my page for faster respond)

Send me trade offer:

Aslo selling for PayPal. My rep :

Haven't found item you liked? Check out my bot's inventory


My marketplace shop https://mar...op/m9s
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.