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Welcome To My Painted Cosmetic Store, Before Proceeding, Please Follow The Following Rules

1. Don't Send Me Trade With Normal Prices, I Do Indeed Count Paints
2. Don't Send Me Trades With Excessive Discounts, I'll Let You Know If I Consider It Fair
3. If Your Gonna Discount, Please Let Me Know In Your Comment How Much Discount You Did, Please And Thank You

Now That You Know The Rules, Here's The Prices:

Medi-Mask, Painted A Distinctive Lack of Hue- 14 Ref Or +15 Ref In Items
The Belgian Detective, Painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge- 14.33 Ref Or +15 Ref In Items
Non-Craftable Batter's Helmet, Painted Mann Co. Orange-4.88 Ref Or +5.55 Ref In Items
The Track Terrorizer, Painted Mann Co. Orange-3.22 Or +4 Ref In Items

Here's My Trading Link And My Backpack:

Remember, You Can Offer Whatever You Want, But Not To Low, Thank You ^-^
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.