Retro | Explo (Brokering)
Hello And Welcome To My Unusual Shop, I'm Currently Buying Quicksells, Please Follow The Following Rules

1. I Only Buy Qucksells, So Don't Send Me Trades With Normal Prices Or High Prices
2. Prices Depend On The Unusual, But 1-2 Keys Discount Is Not A Quicksell, So Please Don't Send Me Offers Like That
3. I Only Buy Unusual Hats, Not Taunts Nor Skins, Sorry, If You Send Me Any Trades WIth Taunts Or Skins They Will Be Declined

Now That You Know My Rules, Here's Some Other Important Things

I Have 13 Keys With 33.44 Ref, So Please Send Me Offers In That Price Or Lower

My Trading Link And My Profile

Have A Great Day/Night, And Have Good Luck With Trading ^-^
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.