Selling ALL of my Hats/Cosmetics for prices in refined (BO price):

-Troublemaker's Tosslecap (Radigan Conagher Brown): 4.22 ref
-Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe: 3 ref
-Flamboyant Flamenco (Deep Commintment to Purple): 4.44 ref
-Magistrate's Mullet (Muskelmann Brown): 2 ref
-Genuine Distinguished Rogue: 3.33 ref
-Texas Ten Gallon (Noble Hatter's Violet): 5.22 ref.

-Marxman: 1.44 ref GONE!
-Bonk Boy: 2.44 ref GONE!
-Flapjack: 4.33 ref GONE!
-Bushman's Boonie (Zepheniah's Greed): 3.11 ref GONE!
-Sir Hootsalot: 1.33 ref GONE!
-Snow Scoper: 5.55 ref GONE!
-Hornblower: 3 ref GONE!
-Team Captain: 6.22 ref GONE!
-Glengarry Bonnet: 1.33 ref GONE!
-Prince Tavish's Crown: 1.44 ref GONE!
-King of Scotland Cape 3.44 ref GONE!
-Brush with Death: 3.66 ref GONE!
-Colonel's Coat: 3.88 ref GONE!
-The Carl: 1.66 ref GONE!
-El Muchacho: 1.44 ref GONE!
-Pyrotechnic Tote: 1.22 ref GONE!

Prices aren't set in stone. Add me or send me a trade to offer, PURE ONLY.
Discounts for buying in bulk.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.